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Roughly 20 years ago Damian Spaulding embarked upon a journey of developing enterprise software from scratch for his emerging Executive Search firm: www.onlythebest.cc.  Starting as a self-taught Software Developer, Damian Spaulding quickly gained the skills required to capture the interests of some of the top Information Technology groups in the region.  As a result, Damian Spaulding moved from a software design position to Chief Executive Officer of a software development firm that grew internationally under his charge.  When the corporation reached a success level where “Channel Partners” world-wide were ready to adopt the software, and investment capital began to move, Damian Spaulding moved on to even broader pastures. 
Damian Spaulding returned his attention to balancing the development of what is now the largest and most successful Art School in Central Ontario while still completing his enterprise level software application.
Damian Spaulding now works with a team of over 100 contracted developers and continues to innovate technology through new software solutions that are bound to become “household name” platforms in the relatively near future.

Damian Spaulding’s fist software company: www.coremanagmeentsolutions.com will soon be going through a strategic name change and upgrade to the new name “Stronglink Software Solutions” as his now very powerful (and almost fully established) business management software is getting ready to go public.  The full scope of this project is outside the purview of this document however the short picture is as such:
Stronglink Software seamlessly integrates many of the areas that break in a standard business process:
Direct integration between website information and Contact Relationship Management for example.  Inventory Control and Point Of Sale deliveries for small to medium sized businesses is also a strong point of the new emerging software.  Stronglink Software Solutions has already gained great traction in Central Ontario and the team is presently readying itself to ramp up to fulfil its new international growth currently being tabled. 

While completing the aforementioned software, Damian Spaulding has also embarked on a really exciting project called My PLAi:  www.myplai.com.  This project is slated to re-define how media is consumed.

There are also many side projects that Damian Spaulding juggles just because he can.  Concepts like www.musicprojectsonline.com where home-based recording studios can integrate sessions and projects without being “platform specific”.  At present however, the demands of www.myplai.com, www.spaulidngschoolofthearts.com and www.coremanagementsolutions.com is enough to keep him more than busy and strategically moving toward greater and greater successes.

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