Graphic Design
Learn all the principals to strong graphic design practices in an intuitive and applied fashion.

Graphic Design
Spaulding School of Design specializes in giving real-world experiences to up and coming graphic artists. Our industry professionals will give you direct access to live projects personally being delivered by the school. This ensures that by the end of your training session with us, you will not only have the expertise that you would like to achieve, but you will also have a solid roster of experience and resume packed with successful projects that you have played a major part in.

The Spaulding School of Design teaches in the areas of:
- Graphic Branding
- Website Design & Layout Practices
- Print Design
- Marketing Presentation Design
- Just about any design principle used in business and industry

The Spaulding school of design exclusively uses the Spaulding Method of learning in our teaching approach. Through this approach you will learn your design principles in a directly experiential manner; meaning you will learn learn to solve real-world problems as you benefit from a customized learning program specifically designed for your needs.
Through the Spaulding Method we believe in a student lead approach, where the student plays an active role in deciding their learning path. In essence, rather than experiencing a lesson profile that has been developed for the convenience of the teacher, we mold your experience to custom suit where you want to go as a student.
Lessons can be conducted one on one or as a group; depending on community participation.

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