Marketing Design

Marketing training
Believe it or not, the marketing team that turned and grew the Spaulding School of Music from a small one-person vision to what is now; an internally based global reaching success model, is the same marketing team that won many awards across many sectors of business. This team is now ready to teach you how they did it and how their successful strategies can also work for you and your initiative.

The Spaulding School of Design will teach you all the most important marketing aspects required to make a success of any enterprise. From how to build a business plan, to how to word information on your website and build a proper sales pitch, we are here to guarantee your success to the best of our ability.

Each and every design marketing approach is as unique as the individuals that come to us for our help. Because of the unique diversity of this process, it is hard to share with you a generic approach that can be mentioned on this website. It is best to contact us right away so that we can consult with you and get a full picture of your specific needs, wants and desires.
From there we will build a custom plan for your success. Book Today

Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Find out the tricks and tips to Graphic Design, and in no time you'll be a pro! Read More

Tuition Free Education

Tuition Free Education
Say goodbye to tuition and hello to interactive-based projects with our tuition free program! Read More

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