Quad Copter Design

Our new Quad Copter design program is guaranteed to rock your world!

Quad Copter Design Program

Spaulding School of Design has launched a new program that is immediately going international! 
Imagine learning how to design, fabricate and build your own quad copter!

Through our new Quad Copter Design program student engineers of all ages will learn how to fly, design, fabricate, produce and even compete against other quad copter classes.  Each course is custom designed to fulfill the needs of the age groups involved and range from basic to advanced learning in an integrated package. 

Step 1:
Learn to fly

Step 2:
Learn how it works

Step 3:
Learn to build

Step 4:
Build your own custom design

Step 5:
Send out for fabrication

Step 6:
Fly away!!!!!

Each student at the conclusion of the multi faceted coarse will go home with their own Quad Copter, or if they desire build a monster Quad Copter collaboratively.

Through this course you will also learn the fundaments of electronic design, flight design and aeronautics, basic software / control design.  Everything you need to truly understand the industry from end to end. 

Older students go deeper into the details while younger students experience more of an age appropriate introduction to design.

From here the learning curve can grow year after year into other machines like:
Battle bots
Racing cars
and just about anything else a student may feel inspired to build.

Our teachers have the design expertise to build just about anything. So now is your time to set to flight and build your own Quad Copter while learning what it takes to make it in the design and fabrication industries. 

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