Software Design

Software Design
Over the last 15 years the Spaulding Design team has developed a software application from scratch, that parallels the capabilities of other enterprise applications like:
- Joomla
- Wordpress
- OS Commerce and more

Why is this important?
How often you get the chance to sit down with the designer of a major software package that has successfully given multimillion dollar companies and learn from all the experiences they have gone through?

That is what we offer through the Spaulding School of Design.

Through the Spaulding School of Design you will be empowered to learn in all the areas of:
- .net software design (web application and windows application building)
- Iphone and Android Application Design
- PHP and JSP software design
- Javascript, Jquery and HTML5 approaches
- real-world software architectural design approaches

We strongly believe that the best way to learn new approaches in software design is to the throw you into the deep end and teach you how to swim with the sharks right from the start! Through the Spaulding Applied Method of learning, you will be put on major projects from your first day and as you learn greater tools of the trade.  You will be immersed in greater responsibilities.

By the time you have completed the Spaulding Design program, you will not only be confident in your own skills as a software designer, but you will also have a monster list of experiences and direct project contributions you can use on your resume. Or better yet, you can use the new skills you gained, to leverage the multimillion dollar software you are now good at,  or to build massive successful Software Enterprises for yourself.

There is no better time than now to get started! Ask us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Book Today

The Picture

Software Programming Process

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