The Spaulding Method

Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method brings a new approach to learning Design as architected by our visionary Damian Spaulding. Rather than embracing the typical classroom style learning environment where a teacher dictates and a class regurgitates facts, the Spaulding Method turns the learning process seemingly on its head.  We start you in the workplace or within projects almost from your first moments.  You will learn how to build a stage set while building a set for an upcoming production.  You will lean how to write software while fulfilling the needs of real-world clients.  We pear back project demands to levels that you are able to help while you learn and grow. 
Through the Spaulding Method of learning, not only will you gain high level expertise in your area of choice, but you will also grow to understand the inner workings of your own mind.  Through that knowledge learn to leverage your mind to the highest capability possible. You will also learn how to effectively problem solve and lead yourself through your own learning curve in a self-taught manner. In truth, this is the real work demands that we are placed in on a daily basis.  On-the-job we rarely need to regurgitate fact but we need to apply the facts that we have learned to solve problems.  Through the Spaulding School of Design you will learn how to do that process extremely well.

No matter who you are or how you learn, once you try learning through the Spaulding Method you'll never look back.

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