The Spaulding Method

Spaulding Method
The Spaulding Method is a revolutionary new approach to learning Design as architected by our visionary Damian Spaulding. Damian Spaulding succeeded as a self-taught individual through many industries and is now brought his unique way of learning to you.
Through the Spaulding Method of learning you will grow to understand the inner workings of your own mind, and learn to leverage your mind to the highest capability it can achieve.
You will also learn how to effectively problem solve and lead yourself through your own learning curve in a self-taught manner.
The Spaulding Method does not believe in the regurgitation of knowledge but rather the understanding of concepts and the direct application to true life. It is through applied learning that we learn to excel.

Here is an example of applied learning:
Which learning process might you gain more from and have larger retention at the end?
1) You sit in a classroom with a teacher who describes to you the mechanisms of an alternator and points of the diagram. From that understanding you are to gain that this device somehow powers your car.
2) Your car breaks down and you are left stranded at the site of the road. After waiting an hour and missing an important meeting, the tow truck driver explains that he alternator is blown and as a result your battery is fried and your system will not work.

Which of the two examples would you remember more long-term? The second obviously.
Through the Spaulding Method of learning we breakdown highly complex theories and principals into direct life and applied sciences. This approach produces an unparalleled amount of retention and as a result, creativity when it comes to problem solving skills.
No matter who you are or how you learn, once you try learning through the Spaulding Method you'll never look back.
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