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Gone are the days where a developer needed to store all of the answers to every possible question (to the best of their ability) in their mind.  The truth is: A developer in present-time (and definitely the future) needs to understand the big picture while being able to find the answers to the most difficult questions through online collaboration with other developers. More simply put:
It does not matter if you know the answer or not, it matters if you can find the answer in a tenth of a second.  Sometimes the answer may come directly from your mind while other times the answer may come from online searching or team collaboration.  Both approaches are equally legitimate in todays environment.  It is for this reason why the Spaulding Method of learning starts with online training where each student learns how to learn and find the answers to life’s questions through online systems as well as team collaboration.
In essence we as teachers teach you how to succeed while you as the student learn how to solve real-world problems using real-world enterprise systems on your own.  Not to say that we won’t nurture your development as you move along, but it is our main aim to develop in-dependence in your personal journey as we equip you to succeed in the world at large.  The truth is:  As you grow and discover the answers to your most needed questions, your wealth of knowledge naturally grows and soon you will have the majority of what you need to know as an emerging developer in your mind.   But the establishment of this result comes more “naturally” than cramming for a test or listening to a lecturer talk for hours.  We (and the industry as a whole) has determined that this is truly the best way to learn material.  

Through the Spaulding Method there is no dependency on Books or even a Teacher at the front of the class.  We teach you how to depend on yourself and find your own solutions while solving real-world problems with real-world projects.  It is these skills that employers demand the most out of their staff and this form of education is what we do best. 

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