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We start with one student in a one-on-one environment. We start to teaching you (the student) what you need to know to succeed in software development and Information Technology as a whole. 
As you personally grow in skill we begin to combine you with other students and place your team on real-world projects to learn through.  Our unique on-demand approach to learning allows your learning to remain fluid in regards to the demands of our clients as well as the desires of you as a student.  In essence, instead of a classroom environment where the teacher lectures at the front and gives assignments, we grow team environments exactly like they would be in the real-world, with real deadlines, real successes and real needs.  As you learn your craft, you will not only get bragging rights in projects that successfully run well after your learning curve is complete, but you will also be exposed to the exact dynamics that are used in the workplace across the entire industry.  Our aim is to train you so well, that we will desire to hire you (if possible) full time as part of your successful graduation from our programs.  Since life and especially Information Technology is a never ending learning curve, there is no true “graduation” date.  You will get accreditation as you move along through your natural evolutionary learning curve.   

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Learn as a team and not as a classroom through our unique 'applied learning' approach

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