The Payment and Training Schedule

Adaptive to the needs of the student as well as the workplace

Cost Effective Learning

Budgeting is simple: 
Each student picks their pace and their budget.  Because much of the learning will be leveraging tactical online resources, learning costs will be kept to a minimum.  For example: Most students begin training with a list of links to websites combined with one dedicated training hour every week by the chief architect of not only the software but also the business Damian Spaulding.  From there, a customized process will be developed for each student.  If a student prefers a slower pace of learning, lessons can be performed every other week, or if the student is die-hard and wants to move at a highly accelerated pace, lessons as often as 2 or 3 times a week can be taken.  No matter the case, between active tutoring times each student will perform project-based learning where the student manages their own time and own deliverables.  We strongly believe that the best learning is not done by listening to a teacher talk, but by experimenting directly in real-world scenarios and problem solving issues as they arrive (while of-course being directly mentored by some of the best teaching talent we can offer). 

Scaling up from individual to team learning:
Each class is priced at only $100 for one-on-one individualized training.  As the class sizes and teams grow, teams can then share the training time at a savings.  Two students paying only $75 each / hour, Three students paying only $50 each for the hour and four students paying $30 for the same hour.  Class sizes will be limited to 10 or 15 students.  Once 4 students are involved in a class, training times can extend to a 2 hour training times rather than a standard hour training in order to ensure that each student gets the individualized attention they deserve.  As the groups continue to grow, team training times will also increase.  No matter how big, the Spaulding Method will continue to give the individualized attention each student desires.  Our desire is to build your success in the best ways possible. 
As you as a student develop a high-level of capability, you will then be able to specialize in areas like: Front-End Graphic and Website Design, Enterprise Level Server Architecture, Database Design Principles, and more. 

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