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Over the last 20 years the Spaulding School of Design has created a very powerful enterprise management software from scratch.  Originally created as a Core Website Management technology, offered through a company named Core Management Solutions:
This 100% custom and original software package has been capable of running enterprise ecommerce websites as well as business information for years.  In fact, our dedicated fiber optic links are what power all of our “Spaulding” websites as well as a number of respected ecommerce and retail websites.  All Spaulding School initiatives (Music, Drama, Dance, etc) are also facilitated by our own software.  Thus without taking on the pressure of an outside contract, you will be able to learn how to manage a large business using software from moment one.  Our software operates much like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify all-in-one.  Add the other elements we have built that resemble tools like, google calendar and Gmail and you will quickly see that have built a force to be reckoned with. 

Spaulding Clients not only benefit from the ability to have students facilitating their needs while keeping costs down, but many have also become addicted to the fact that the chief architects of their software are directly within reach.  Imagine calling up the designer of Photoshop, Windows or WordPress and asking them a question.  By choosing Spaulding, clients not only receive one of the most integrated software solutions on the market, but they also experience the high-level service levels that Spaulding has become renowned for.  
The advantage for the student learning in this environment is that they also learn from the same mind that built this massive software solution from scratch.  This kind of training is very rare and very in demand.  We are happy to bring it to you.

Fresh news:
In the most recent past Core Website Management has now become so sophisticated that it has gone well beyond the website management CMS sphere of software that it once was.  As a result, core will soon become StrongLink Software Solutions / StrongLink Software.  Reason being, our newest iteration of the software now ties together all of the weakest links of a business or team collaboration tool and turns them into some of the strongest possible.  We now facilitate direct integrations in areas like: 
- Website management
- Calendar Management and Time Management
- Point Of Sale and retail management
- Concert and event management
- General Business management
- Accounting Management
- Inventory control and on and on. 

Now you as a student will learn all there needs to know to manage such vast software and high-level client needs while contributing to a software solution that will out-last your learning curve and leave a legacy for others to experience. You can take great pride in every step you take.

Computer Game Design:
Now the popular question.  What about computer game design?
The truth is two fold:
1) Computer games use all of the same foundational principles used in our enterprise software. Database functionality, gui design and alike.  The areas where computer game design differs is the specific engines used to design a game.  With that, foundational principles are still the same as what we teach.  The aim in your learning curve is to first give foundational principles that you can transfer to any specialization.   With enough demand we may expand our computer game design program but this leads to the second point.
2) As romantic a concept of computer game design, this niche industry is still out weighed by the demands of general business management.  Even though accounting management, inventory management, data management etc is not have as romantic in concept as creating a first-person-shooter or role playing game, the learning curve of software in our opinion is best developed in traditional environments where your skills can be used more globally at first.   The last thing we want you to do is paint yourself in a corner by specializing too early in you learning curve.

Application Development:
Yes development like Iphone / Android aps can also be learned through our training systems once your foundational knowledge has taken root.

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