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Our team dynamics are evolutionary and very fluid.  Even though our education system is adapted to real-world environments, and may not directly operate exactly as mentioned, the following is a general outline of how things work:
As a student you will learn the foundations of what you need to get started (through online / group means or individualized training).  At that point we will assign to you a project (or assign you to a team with a project) to get started.   From there you will begin to use the knowledge you just gained with us.   During this project, further students will start with us and when the time is right, they can also be added to your team.  Why is this important?  You see, your new team mate may be two steps behind you as you continue to grow and learn ahead of them.  Here is where you can nurture their development (with the guidance of your teacher) by sharing with them some of the things you already have learned.   As they say, the best way to truly learn something is to teach another.  This strategy really helps you know your material well extremely well.  In-Fact: Exams and testing become very simple in the future (and almost pressure free) because by the time you are examined on the material, you will already have an intuitive sense of the material.  No cramming needed! This process then continues to expand and as you complete projects and grow further in your expertise.  By the time you have established your education with us, your resume will already be looking really good even before you graduate.  

Project by project, team by team, and student by student this process continues to expand and contract as projects come to their completion and you keep digging into deeper and deeper levels of understanding. 

The end goal will be to migrate you from a High-Level user that develops custom solutions by using pre-fabricated tools, to becoming a developer that can develop a tool from a blank piece of paper.  In the present software industry there is presently a vast shortage of individuals that can do the latter and this skill is in high demand.  With this in mind, we have created all Spaulding Methodologies in regard to software design. 

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