Tuition Free Education

Tuition Free Education
Tuition Free Education

Through the Spaulding Method we employ the leaders of tomorrow in how to lead.  The Spaulding Method is not an expensive program dependent on books and dated methods to hopefully land you "job" in the future, but rather the Spaulding Method prepares you with all the tools needed to become a successful private contractor in your industry of choice first.  Then you can use those skills to obtain a traditional "job" if that be your desire for your future.  You will learn through real-world projects and real-world deadlines and best of all we require very little real-world money to get started.
Say goodbye to tuition and say hello to interactive project based learning.  
How does this work?

1) We gain an understanding of your specific desires and needs:
First we get to know you as a student and gain an understanding of exactly what you want to achieve in your future.  
Our teachers cover a vast array of experiences through differing sectors in the industry.  We will pair you up with the right teacher(s) to provide the right teaching profile for your learning experience. In essence you lead us and we will equip you.

2) Once you learn the basics of your field through your selected teacher, you will then be mentored through delivering real-world projects and real-world deadlines.  
These student projects are paid for by partnering businesses with The Spaulding School of Design and these "reduced fee" projects is what allows us to train you in your new craft without requiring a big payment from you as a student.  In essence, we directly subsidize your education through the business environment that you will be learning from.
There will still be a monetary commitment by you as a student, however this commitment often falls far less than a traditional "tuition based" school experience.  
Monetary commitments can also flex based upon what you can personally afford as a student as you walk along your learning path.  In essence, we build a 100%  custom plan for your success while giving you a learning experience that is second to none.

3) After you have fulfilled a number of projects with us, you will have achieved much as a self-employed contractor.  You can then use this experience to secure a "job" with a company, or further "contracts" as an independent contractor, or even continue to work with the Spaulding Design Team on longer and larger (enterprise level) projects while making a direct income as a result of your ever expanding learning experience.

It is true, The Spaulding School of Design turns traditional educational approaches 'on its head' and puts you, the student, in control of your own journey and success.

We are the wave of the future!  Thanks for choosing the smart approach of learning by choosing the Spaulding Method of Design.
Through the Spaulding School of Design, education can be done in-person or through correspondence depending on what experiences you desire to have.  Contact us right now and we will get started in setting up a new program for you. Book Today


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