Web Design

Web Design
Web design has come a far way from when we first started in web site architecture back in the 1990's. From websites only delivered in 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 resolutions to now smartphone capable web solutions across multiple browsers and multiple disciplines, the web design world has gotten very complex.
Here is where we use our many years of experience and industry expertise to help you wade through all of the possibilities of web design in order to gain a strategic understanding of web design and how to service your clients most effectively.

When you have been trained the Spaulding School of Design, you'll not only learn how to design strong websites for yourself and your clients, but we will also teach you how to succeed in self employed work from a home environment. We've been doing it successfully for 20 years.  It is time for us to teach you how!

If you are a young student looking to go into this field, or a business owner wanting to learn the aspects of web design, the Spaulding School of Design will customize a learning approach to fulfill your every need.

The list of what we cover:
- HTML design
- Proper web design (eye flow) practices
- Scalable "smart" websites that customize to every browser type
- E commerce good practices
- and on.

We look forward to customizing a learning process that will fill your specific desires as a student. Our teaching methods through the "Spaulding Method" have been specifically designed to wrap around you. Let's get started! Book Today


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